Jordan – 3 Must Visit Attractions on a Perfect Vacation

Jordan has such diverse landscape that at every single city has its own magical charm, which will make people wanting to return back all over again. We will explore 3 such amazing attractions now starting from the wondrous Dead Sea, how it has come to be known by this unique name; then move on towards the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra which is an excellent culmination of the primordial Eastern traditions and the Hellenistic design; and then explore the remarkable spots of the capital city Amman. 

Must Visit Attraction of Jordan – No. 1: Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest waterbodies on earth. Due to the high salinity rate, plants and animal life will not be able to sustain in these waters. And that is precisely the reason for referring the sea with such a unique name. The Dead Sea is historically renowned to have been one of the world’s first health resorts which was found in the records of Herod the Great, the Roman Jewish King (72 BCE). The mineral content in the water is known to boost skin health naturally and it is also known to have treat other health conditions. The salinity of the water makes even those who do not know Swimming float around and it’s just inexplicably relaxing. Such great attraction of Jordan is also surrounded by sea-facing resorts making it one of the perfect destinations to unwind. Travel Agent Tip: World’s first health resort is a one liner which should be mentioned to your potential clients. This kind of exceptional reasons are one of the ways to inspire people to book their next holiday with you! 

Must Visit Attraction of Jordan – No. 2: Petra

The beauty of Petra lies in the way its constructed. Half of this archaeological site is carved into rocks and the other half is built around, making it an exceptional masterpiece and hence received the recognition of being one of the most iconic UESCO World Heritage Site. Petra is also known as one of the oldest cities on earth, which the historians believe was constructed in the 4th century BC. The rock color of this buildings has given it the nickname “Red Rose City” and the fact that the main shrines receive direct sunlight shows the fact that the Nabataean people engineered their construction in alignment with the sun. The Resort / Hotel options in Petra are all the more alluring and inviting, beginning with the Hyatt Zaman which is a 200-year-old Jordanian village renovated by the renowned Hyatt 5-star chain of hotels. The Bubble Luxotel is one of the latest additions which is made of purely transparent material giving a clear view of this magnificent “lost city” of Petra. There are also amusing Bedouin camps in the region, which is suitable for those guests who are thrill seekers. Movenpick Petra is a luxurious European style hotel overlooking the mountains of Petra. There are also simple bed and breakfast accommodations suitable for budget travelers and yet offer spectacular view of this ancient city. 

Must Visit Attraction of Jordan – No. 3: Amman

Amman, is the largest and also the capital of Jordan. It is a modern city which is surrounded by numerous ancient structures. Amman’s historic Citadel perched on top of a hill, looks astoundingly beautiful from any part of the city. This includes the large pillars laid across the Roman Temple of Hercules, the complex also houses 8th-century Umayyad Palace complex, known for its mighty ceremonious dome. One of the oldest and largest Roman Theater is also found in Amman which has the capacity to seat 6,000 audiences in one go. The latest and most modern attraction of Amman is the Royal Automobile museum. Opened in the year 2003, this one of a kind museum showcases antique convertible cars, vintage Rolls Royce, Mercedes and even Porsche. The range and variety of cars found here are extraordinary and definitely worth a visit, whether your clients are car enthusiasts or photography enthusiasts or just love to take a look at some rare and amusing stuff.

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