6 Must-Visit Attractions of Monaco – the Hidden Gem of Europe

Monaco is a fascinating micro-nation in Europe. Not known to many, this hidden gem with an area of just about 2.02 square kilometers. Yet, Monaco has plentiful attractions which are sure to motivate travelers to put this nation on top of their bucket list. From Brewery to Pubs, from Palaces to Museums, from Private Beach to Racing Tracks, you ask for it, Monaco offers it. Let’s explore the list of places which are worth adding to your client’s tour itinerary. 

Monaco Grand Prix

This coveted Formula 1 Motor Racing event was first held in the year 1929 and continues to be organized every year around the last week of May or the first week of June. The most sunning part of this Grand Prix is that it the racing circuit is lined by the harbor and hence the whole race is by the beach road! Since most of the circuit falls under the Monte Carlo area of Monaco, the race is also nicknamed as Monte Carlo. The race is spectacular event not just for the racers involved but also for the onlookers, due to the picturesque and dramatic backdrop. For people visiting the location when the racing is not held, they can simply drive through the roads and feel the splendid sea breeze while enjoying the astonishing views. 

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Built in the year 1191, this is one of the rare occurrences where a palace has remained for more than 700 years! The Grimaldi family ruled the area and continues to hold the royal mark of Monaco. Although it is the official residence of the sovereign Prince of Monaco, people are allowed to visit it. The amazing fresco painting, the blue brocade decorations, Grimaldi family portraits, grand chandeliers, Carrara marble floors, and Murano glass decors makes the aesthetics of the palace appealing and charming. Besides the Palace, La Collection Automobiles is the Museum of Prince Monaco’s Car Collection which is definitely worth a visit. A Visit to the Oceanographic Museum is an excellent choice for those who love the marine life, for they showcase a 6-meter deep lagoon where aquatic predators such a sharks are kept apart from each other just by colorful coral reefs. 

Fort Antoine – Theatre

This was originally built as a Fortress in the beginning of the 18th Century. Now it is being used as an open-air theatre during the summers. This venue is worth visiting not just for the entertainment but also for its splendid scenic beauty. The open air theatre’s seating is arranged in such a way that one can overlook the ocean from across the arena. The location also offers great photo opportunities for professionals. 2 centuries old fortress, built right at the edge of the ocean offering seamless sea-breeze and an excellent place to capture astounding landscape pictures.

La Note Bleue

For those of your clients who just wish to chill and relax, this is the first place you should add to their itinerary. La Note Bleue is a private beach area, with classic white beach umbrellas hosting a global restaurant, which has a music bar too where live international DJs are seen performing on a regular basis. 

Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo

If your guests are party animals and love to spend the late evenings at a night club, then put this on top of their list and show the pictures, which will simply make them pack their bags and make the bookings with you. This place also has a Japanese Garden and a terrace area, and the cherry on the cake is the electronic music on the roll, played by the energetic DJs’.

Monaco Brewery

As long as foodies exist, good food will always be in vogue! La Brasserie de Monaco is set up on a perfect location, on the Port of Monaco with the spectacular sea-view. The best part is that visitors get to taste Monaco Beer, which is freshly brewed in from of their eyes, made using organic malts. Besides the drink, people can also enjoy tapas, signature pizzas various other varieties of fine Wine and Champagne. 

Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Opera house in Monaco, Princess Grace Japanese Garden are some of the other places which can be visited while your client enjoys a holiday at one of the most peculiar and unique European Holiday at Monaco!