5 Top Best Temptations to Visit in the Island Country of Malta – Paradise in Europe

Malta is an island country geographically part of southern Europe. At first sight, the country looks like a page right out of a fairy tale, thanks to its exotic location right in the centre of Mediterranean Sea. Malta is made up of an archipelago, small but strategically significant group of islands situated between Italy and Libya. Malta’s name is derived from Greek meaning Honey, indicating to the nation’s unique production of nectar & as a modern-day variation of the language its people speak “Maltese”. 

Blue Lagoon

Located just about 30 minutes’ ferry ride from Malta is Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is the azure blue waters in between Comino and Cominotto islands. Besides the gorgeous scenic location, the region has some nice activities on the offer. Comino, Bozo and Blue Lagoon Day Cruise is an excursion which is famous among the locals too. The multiple small islands provide much scope for varied kinds of picturesque areas across the full day cruise. Swimming through caves and snorkelling are some of the best suggested water sport activities for those who love to get their adrenaline thirst quenched. For those who love to simply sit by the beach and relax, this place is nothing short of a paradise. 

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral

Inaugurated in the year 1577, the cathedral was intended to be built as a landmark and hence it can be seen from any part of the capital city of Valletta. The church is a visual treat with fresco paintings adorning the entire ceilings, walls and floors. The gold gilded statues simply take one’s breath away in a whisker. Although the interiors were initially built in a simple way, many rich people and knights kept pouring in multiple gifts and valuables to the church through the centuries. Every great artist who visited the region contributed in making the aesthetics of the church filled it with grandeur and elegance. The Saint John’s Co-Cathedral is now a great treasure trove worth visiting for every tourist, as it enables one to image the history and ancient heritage, and also makes one look into the amazing art which humans are capable of building. 

Popeye Village

If your guests are traveling with family and children, then this should be included as part of their itinerary. Popeye Village with the nickname “Sweet Haven” Village is a theme park situated at the Anchor Bay. The theme park is the original set which was built 40 years ago to shoot the famous children’s movie Popeye Village. Besides the well maintained movie set and artists who have acted, there are a lot of activities which people can enjoy. With multiple water trampolines, huge jump around, enormous lido, boat-rides, sundecks and cafes to enjoy good food Popeye Village is an excellent location to have maximum fun with family! The coastal bay and bamboo construction ads more flavour to the frolic. 

Blue Grotto Caves & Arch

From sunrise to the noon, the Blue Grotto showcases spectacular scenery which is true treat for the eyes. The royal blue waters shimmering on top of the white seabed, and the 6 naturally formed caves reflecting orange, green and purple is reason enough to visit the Blue Grotto. Early mornings are hence the best time to relax, feel one with the nature, witness the nature’s wonders, and to get some of the most unbelievably amazing photographs. As a diving location, this site is popular among the regular visitors. Travel Agent Tip: if your clients are movie buffs / enjoy visiting locations where popular movies were shot, then do mention that Blue Grotto was featured in the film Troy (2004) in which Brad Pitt was one of the leading cast.

Upper Barrakka Gardens

The Upper Barrakka Gardens located in Valletta (capital city) is a public garden space in Malta. The Lower Barrakka Gardens and the Upper Barrakka Gardens together provide amazing view of the Grand Harbour. The gardens were built around the 1560s consists of many charming squares, cathedrals, museums, palazzos and fountain spaces. Besides the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea, the gardens also consist of an Upper Barrakka Kiosk which is a quaint little cafe. You can suggest your clients to taste some ice creams, taste traditional local pastries Pastizzi & enjoy beverages.  

Besides the above mentioned 5 attractions, Malta has a few more amazing things to offer its tourists. Ramla Bay Beach, the Meditteraneo Marine Park, Armier Bay Beach, Blue Lagoon, Fort Saint Elmo, Notre Dame Gate, Malta Classic Car Collection Museum, Hastings Gardens, Fort Chambray and Malta National Aquarium are worthy of mention. Plan a wonderful itinerary for your clients’ visit to Malta and get all the help you need from your T3 Agent.