Benefits of Travelling to Countries – VISA on Arrival

Sometimes people go through quite a lot of hassles while applying for VISAs. But people from every country have a set of destinations where they can travel without taking any VISAs. Yes, you read it right. You just need to book your clients’ flight tickets, hotel stays, and tours. That’s all, they can just pack their bags and be off on their vacation.

What is a VISA on Arrival?

VISA is a must to travel internationally, from one country to another. But few countries have travel agreements between them, so the citizens don’t have to take VISA prior to travel. That means that your clients will get their passports stamped on arrival at the destination airport. The requirements at the destination airport usually are a valid passport, onward and return flight tickets, hotel accommodation, and sufficient funds for their expenses during their stay. Only a few chosen countries offer this facility and it is highly important to keep a list of which all countries allow this facility to your nation. 

Types of VISA on Arrival

Among the countries which offer VISA on Arrival facility, there are 2 different categories. It is important to know the difference so you can clearly explain it to clients.  

Type 1 – VISA Free on Arrival: Few countries offer a VISA on Arrival and it is given free to travelers if they have all other documents required for travel.

Type 2 – Paid VISA on Arrival: Few countries offer a VISA on Arrival but they have VISA Fees / Charges to be paid at the destination airport, along with the required documents.  

VISA on Arrival – Benefits

1.     Last-Minute Travel Plans – VISA On Arrival is highly useful especially when people wish to make last-minute travel plans. Usually VISA Application process might take a few days or weeks or months depending upon which country is chosen for travel. But when your clients want to make a booking just a few days before travel, then you don’t have to get stressed. Travel Agent Tip: Simply ask our T3 Agent for suggestions on which destination your clients can travel to with a VISA On Arrival, which destination has the lowest possible airfare and where can you find a decent hotel at the last minute.

2.   Save the VISA Fees – When we have clients who are on a budget and wish to stick to the tour cost in their mind, then sending them to a country that has VISA Free on Arrival is a good choice. This means that you can get in touch with your T3 Agent and check the list of countries that offer VISA Free of Cost. From that list, you can suggest a country to your client, so that they can also save on VISA Costs. 

3.   First-Time International Travel – It so happens that well-traveled clients get VISAs approved quickly and first-time abroad travelers could face a few difficulties to get VISA approval. In this scenario also you can suggest that first-time (foreign country) travelers book their holiday to a VISA on Arrival country. Because generally, the chances of VISA approval are much more as long as they have all other required documents ready.

 Would you like to know the list of countries that give VISA on Arrival for travelers from your country? Here are 2 solutions to the above question;

             1. You can continue to read our T3 Travel Blogs, as we are planning to share the lists soon.

            2. You can make a call to your T3 Agent right now, and request them to give more information about VISA on Arrival & also ask for them to share              the list!