Paris and around – what NOT to miss at iconic tourist locations

A tourist usually dreams about enjoying good food, with fantastic views, and wearing fashionable clothes. France is the fashion capital of the world, offers mouth-watering delicacies and a view from or of the Eiffel simply enriches the perfect holiday feeling. Here are a few iconic landmarks of France which are must-visit on your holiday to this ever-lively nation. 

Eiffel Tower

In the beginning, this wrought-iron structure was constructed as the centerpiece of the 1889’s World Fair. As per the actual plan, this was supposed to be brought down after the event got over. But 134 years later, it is still standing tall as an iconic monument that has 3 amazing levels.

To reach the 1st level of the Eiffel Tower one can either wait for the elevator or the fit ones can enjoy taking the stairs. For the romantics – 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant located here is an excellent choice for luncheons and dinners. Prior reservation is a must.

On reaching the 2nd level via stairs or elevator, do recommend your clients to take a look at the city through one of the many binoculars placed, for some of the priceless views ever. For the folks who like to enjoy food at upscale dining places, Jules Verne Restaurant on this floor is the best choice.

The 3rd and Top Most Level is accessible only via lift. Now the kind of view that this level offers is simply spectacular and once on top, people get to understand why Paris is also called as a “city of dreams”.  At this level, the office of Gustave Eiffel is a must-see, and do tell this to your clients for sure, as sometimes during rush hours people do not notice it. All these small tips when given after the booking and just before travel, will definitely help in retaining the customers. 

Palace of Versailles

If your clients love to gaze at luxurious castles, great gardens, and take pictures at the most instagrammable locations then the Château de Versailles (French Name) must surely be on your booking list for them. The gardens of Versailles itself will literally take days to cover by foot since it sprawls across 30,000 acres. The interesting part of these gardens is that besides the artistic blend of greenery, they also have over 400 sculptures to beautify them. The iconic part is the 1,400 fountains which enrich the views of the gardens in an unimaginable way. Now for the Palace, the historic Hall of Mirror houses more than 357 mirrors, and has 43 lavish chandeliers, while the chamber pots were made out of silver, to say the least. Whether your clients are on a romantic holiday, leisure travel with family, just a quick tour with friends, or even on a solo trip, this Palace visit will add huge value to their entire tour. 

Lido Show

Paris is also called the “City of Lights” since it sparkles like a champagne bottle during the night. The world-famous street in Paris is the Champs-Élysées and one of the most important reasons for its popularity is the presence of Lido de Paris which is an amazing cabaret show. The history behind the show, the grandeur that adorns the stage, and the people performing exotic dance moves are worth watching at least once in a lifetime! For those guests who love to indulge and pamper themselves, you can also suggest adding on the 3-course meal with drinks at the venue to spice up the memory.