3 Best Casinos in Macau for Ultimate Fun, Frolic and Entertainment

Macau a wonderful land of entertainment is an autonomous region, part of the people’s republic of China. Located at 1-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong, often Macau is visited as twin destination along with Hong Kong island. The land of Macau has nicknames on the likes of ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, & ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient’ since it houses amazing set of casinos attached to the magnificent resorts!

You can suggest your clients to visit a Casino just to get a glimpse of the grandeur and amazingly artistic structures. The best part is that the entry to casinos is completely free of cost and no need to buy any gambling related coins. Just suggest them to take a visit to one of the casinos at their wish and spend one day to enjoy the ambience, to delve in the luxury and get involved and cheer in excitement. It’s time to get a glimpse of the topmost best casinos of Macau. They are filled with endless entertainment, great fun and unforgettably mighty structures.

Number 3: The Galaxy Macau

The Galaxy Macau is the 5th largest Casino of the world and has the largest wave ever on Earth! This resort is made of 6 luxurious hotels and even if your clients wants to stay at a simple budget hotel, the Galaxy Macau has free shuttle buses which runs across various areas of Macau. 13 international cuisines, 6 signature restaurants, 2 Michelin star Italian restaurants, 3D & 4K Projection Cinemas, Broadway Theatre, Sandy Beaches, Gorgeous Gardens are what The Galaxy Macau is made of! Such entertainment zones are simply adding ons to the fantastic Casino zone which is 200,000 Square Feet in area, boasting of 1500 gaming slots! 

Number 2: Wynn Palace

For tourists looking to get great pictures, Wynn Palace has excellent options on the cards. The glowing ‘Moon Jelly Aquarium’, the ‘Tree of Prosperity’ which keeps the changing colors and looks like a dancing tree, Spa, eye-catching designer shops, fine-dining restaurants, million-dollar wall-hangings and Qing era vases in the hotel lobby! The entry into Wynn Palace is grand and majestic in its own way! The AC Sky Cabs, the aerial transportation which connects Cotai East Station and Wynn Palace is the cable car system which overlooks multiple striking sights, while on the flight! 

Number 1: The Venetian Casino Resort

The Venetian Macau has been designed to look like the city of Venice. While the resort has the water canals and the Gondola Boats taking people through the region, it also has foot-over bridges on the canals giving an extravagant option for photographers. The sky is left open on top of the canals and an entire palace is built which is based on the Renaissance architecture of ancient Venice! This is just the beginning, as it gets even more grand with the mini-golf, 350 branded designer stores, more than 30 restaurants, Venetian Theatre to display amazing shows, about 3000 gaming slot machines, and over 5000 feet of gaming area. It will take an entire day to even visit half of what The Venetian Macau has on the offer. This is one of the few places in the world which makes visitors truly feel as if they are inside a fairy-tale! 

Now that you have quite handful of information about Casinos of Macau, read along to know what else your guests can enjoy at this eventful destination.

Other Important Attractions of Macau

There are a few other remarkable attractions which are truly worth visiting. For instance, Macau Tower is an incredible destination in itself with observation deck, restaurant, theatres, shopping malls and the highest commercial Bungee Jumping site! Sedano Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with interesting floor tiles and filled with neo-classical building which makes the visitor feel as if they’ve entered into an ancient world. The House of Dancing Waters (performing arts show), Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, Macao Giant Panda Pavilion, A-Ma Temple are the other interesting marvels of Macau!