Zanzibar – the most fascinating African island on the Indian Ocean

Zanzibar is a self-governing province that is part of the United Republic of Tanzania. These clusters of islands are quite a beauty and are sought after by tourists from across the globe. Unguja Island & Pemba Island are the 2 major islands of Zanzibar which form the province along with many other smaller Islands. The capital city of Zanzibar is situated on Unguja Island and this region encompasses of an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, called Stone Town.

Tourism is one of the major industries of Zanzibar, and it has the capability to receive 1.5 million people per year through the 5 major ports & 1 international airport. Although this exotic nations’ economy is a lot dependent upon tourism, it was not the same a few decades ago. These astoundingly beautiful set of Islands are blessed with soil that can produce a great variety if spices including and not limited to cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, etc. this is why Zanzibar group of Islands along with Tanzania’s Mafia Islands are colloquially denoted to as the ‘Spice Islands”. Sounds like a gorgeous blend of beauty with spices, doesn’t it?

Aquaculture & Fish Nurseries are also major contributors to the economy. So are the Raffia trees – a rare variety of palm trees found only in the tropical region, which not only looks great while lining up the coastal areas, but every single part of these trees from their leaves to their fruits are highly valuable.

Now having known a little about how this amazing archipelago of islands is a great blend of economy and gorgeousness, all at once, let’s move on to learn more about what kind of accommodation they have to offer. 

Whether your clients love simple homestays, specialty boutique villas, or star-studded hotels, Zanzibar has got it all and much more than one can visualize.