Seychelles – Perfect Destination for Honeymooners & for Families with Tiny Tots

This island nation is for those who would love to enjoy the lush green landscapes, amid white sandy beaches, and play golf during their holidays! Yes, you can play golf on 2 different golf courses situated on 2 major islands – Mahe & Praslin. Sounds like a dream destination, isn’t it?

Many couples have adored Seychelles as their choice of honeymoon destination! We at the T3 bring to you a few unquestionably popular locations and a few unique places that will help your customers to enjoy this amazing island nation of Seychelles in an unforgettable way. 

Rich Natural Backdrop

This gorgeous country houses 115 islands in the Indian Ocean and is located north of Madagascar. The multitudes of natural scenic locations are nothing short of a heavenly atmosphere. It is quite surprising to know that this small archipelago of islands with a total land area of just about 459 square kilometers, houses as many as 9 national parks! And the beauty of these national parks is that they are split into 2 types – one being the terrestrial and the other type the marine national parks. It’s getting all the more interesting now, isn’t it?

Morne Seychelles National Park – the largest in Seychelles

If your clients wish to enjoy gigantic mountains, mangrove marshlands, and tropical forests all at the same time, then don’t forget to add Morne Seychelles National Park to their list of tours. Morne is also the largest national park, covering 20% of the whole of Mahe Island! 

Praslin National Park – Hike & Enjoy a Realm of Spectacular Islands

If your clients love to hike across natural landscapes, then Praslin National Park is the best suggestion you can offer to them. ‘Glacis Noire’ trail is a unique trail that many tourists have not seen and holds unique scenic vibes. At the finish of this short and easy trail, one gets to witness a jaw-dropping spectacle. The nearby islands of La Digue, Ile Ronde, Felicite, and Marianne, can be seen clearly. A glimpse of islands located even further away – the Denis, Mahe, and Fregate Islands can also be appreciated from here. 

Extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Seychelles

Aldabra Atoll – is one of its kind beauty and heritage site, which every human being who loves nature must visit, at least once in their lifetime. The incredible atoll constitutes 4 huge coral islands that encompass a shallow lagoon. These islands in turn are surrounded by coral reefs. Due to difficulties of access and the atoll’s isolation, Aldabra has been safely protected from human impact. That is the reason this amazing landscape has been able to retain 152,000 giant tortoises, the world’s largest population of this reptile.

One of the reasons why only a few are given permission to visit this special place. Although the outer lagoon area is accessible by a few waterway trips. The spectacle one gets to witness here is simply inexplicably beautiful. Imagine fine-sand beaches, adorned with mangroves and encompassed by an emerald-water lagoon. Dreamy picture, that one for sure! 

Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve – this beautiful site is declared as one if the WHS since it constitutes the endemic tree, the Coco de Mer Palm. At only 0.195 square kilometers, May Valley is one of the world’s smallest natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Millions of years in isolation have led to the evolution of many unique species in this forest that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. This place is nicknamed as ‘Garden of Eden’ and hosts multiple plants and animal species that are endemic in nature. The black parrot is one such exclusive species that is awe-inspiringly gorgeous.

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