Bangkok – Enjoy Attractions In The Capital City Of Thailand

Bangkok is one of the highly visited South East Asian capitals and is also a jewel among the best tourist cities. Bangkok besides being the capital of Thailand, is also considered a paradise for shoppers. From great quality flat-screen televisions (electronics) to some stunningly stylish garments (clothes, accessories) people can buy them all. Now the best part is that the prices are quite nominal compared to the rest of the Asian countries. Here are a few must-visit tourist spots when you send your clients to Bangkok, please add them to their itinerary, so you get some great feedback once they return. 

The Grand Palace & Emerald Buddha

From the year it opened, 1782 up to 1925, the Grand Palace complex had remained the seat of the King and his court. It still houses government offices and holds royal events and state ceremonies on regular basis. The Grand Palace complex is quite a popular tourist attraction among foreigners and locals alike for its grand construction, vibrant architecture, and artistic aesthetics. The massive complex of 218,000 square meters is located on the banks of the river Chao Phraya, making it even more enjoyable. The cherry on the cake in this complex is the Emerald Buddha temple, which is located within the same complex. Emerald Buddha is of the highest importance to the people of Thailand. Made with semi-precious green stone (jasper) and dressed in Gold, this meditative Buddha is one of the most prominent symbols of the nation! 

Chao Phraya River Dinner

The Chao Phraya River is at the heart of Bangkok. The life, work and play of the locals surround this river and major tourist attractions are also located near the bank of this great river. Cruising experience at Chao Phraya began in 1971 and from then the river cruise has bedazzled millions of tourists. The cruise starts around the time of sunset, making the golden hour experience spectacular from the riverfront. The cruise then goes on for 2 hours, as the passengers get to enjoy the lit up, dazzling capital city. The Buddhist temples situated at the banks of the river look as if they are golden monuments, as the lights paint a truly unforgettable picture in the memories of those who watch it. The experience becomes even more immersive with great music along with an amazing spread of dinner buffet, which serves delectable Thai Cuisine and scrumptious International Cuisine. 

Chatuchak Market

Renowned to be one of the world’s largest weekend market, Chatuchak has large variety to shop from. Whether you clients like picking up antiques or art pieces, whether they love to shop for clothes or shoes, whether they enjoy picking up accessories or buying jewelry Chatuchak has it all and much more than one could ask for. This vibrant place is not only a heaven for shopaholics but also a paradise for street food lovers! Yes, people can shop till they drop and when they feel they’ve bought it all, they can enjoy delicious Thai street food here. There are more than 15,000 shops and one can expect a crowd of about 200,000, as the offers are quite good. Travel Agent Tip: Suggest this for people who do not complain of too many people. And you should definitely add it on tour for those who rather enjoy busy places, who wish to know the local culture and for those who wish to interact with the natives of Thailand. 



The Temple of Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho constructed is the 1800s served as the 1st public university of the nation, where science, religion and literature were taught! Thailand has classified 6 supreme temples as the nation’s first-class royal temples, and the Wat Pho – Reclining Temple comes first on that list. This gigantic Buddha is 46-meter-tall and in a sleeping posture with one hand under his head while in meditation. A fact that most tourist do not know about this ancient place is that, Wat Pho also has a leading school for Thai massage. And hence it’s an excellent choice for your clients if they wish to get some traditional Thai massage done while at the capital city! This complex also houses 108 bronze statues of Buddha and the walls are adorned with vibrant colors and artistic designs.