Keukenhof – Unique Things to Do At The Most Beautiful Tulip Gardens, Netherlands

Keukenhof when translated to English, literally means Kitchen Garden! Keukenhof is not only the most famous Tulip Garden in Europe but at 79 acres, with annual growth of over 7 million flower bulbs, this is also one of the largest gardens ever. This amazing place is located in a small town called Lisse in the country of Netherlands (Holland). The important fact which a travel agent must know is that this great garden is open only for 8 weeks a year. The exact date of opening and closing is known only a few months prior, based on the blooming of the Tulips, which is usually around March / April / May.

Here is a list of unique things your clients can do on their visit to the garden. There are 4 children-oriented spaces within the garden, which must be recommended for those traveling with children. Travel Agent Tip – as a travel agent when you give this kind of specific information to the guests about an important tourist attraction, then the guests understand that your knowledge is much more than the other travel agents. This will give your clients more confidence to do their travel bookings with you. 

Whisper Boat Ride

The whisper boat is the most ideal way to take a look at the blossoming flowers because people are not allowed to walk along the plants, as this might damage the delicate plants. An amazing 45 minutes tour of the gardens is done with the help of electric boats. The best part is that these tours are audio-guided tours. Visitors can choose between 4 different languages (English, Dutch, German, and French) to know more about the history, the process, and the harvest of these beauties. The entire landscape is so serene, quite tranquil, and peaceful making people visit the place, year after year. 

Cycle around the Tulip Gardens

For those tourists who wish to take the extra mile, for those travelers who wish to explore a bit more than the common travelers, and for the souls who love the breeze kissing their cheeks, renting a bike at Keukenhof Gardens is a great suggestion. The significant information which has to be conveyed to clients is that these bicycles are only allowed around the garden and not to be used inside the garden. But the countryside green spaces one gets to enjoy along with the 1000s of flower buds is truly a sight to behold. Bike rental has convenient options to choose from which might fit different age groups and requirements. They have cycles suitable for men, for women, and different models for children also. 

Professional Guided Tour

1 Hour fully guided tour by a professional guide showcasing highlights of the garden is definitely worth the money and the time. The guides will take people across the garden from the famous Holland Windmills to the history of how the tulip gardens came into being; from the different planting techniques used to grow the tulip bulbs to the various themes used every year for the display; from the inspiration garden to the multiple flower shows planned. These guided tours ensure that the visitors get to know and get to see all that is significant in the making of this wonderful Tulip Gardens. 

Children’s Special

Animal Meadow – Colorful Peacocks, Fluffy Rabbits, Snoopy Goats, and Grumbling Pigs are all to be seen at the specially curated animal meadow compound within the garden premises.

Scavenger Hunt – this scavenger hunt is absolutely free of cost and its whole lots of fun for children and their parents. Visitors can collect a free “Keukenhof Scavenger Hunt” from the entrance and enjoy reading all the facts, brain teasers, and challenges about tulips. If someone finishes reading the booklet and you think that you are a tulip expert then they can pick up a gift from the information desk at the exit!

Maze – a lovely green maze has been built for children to play around and at the same time to sharpen their skills of problem-solving. A good way to keep the young ones engaged and happy.

Playground – there are 2 playgrounds in the garden, one is the Miffy Playground which is suitable for younger children. And the other one is an activity-oriented (rope walking) playground, suitable for older children.