Best Theme Parks & Amusement Parks of Dubai

It is an undisputed fact that Dubai is UAE’s tourism capital. Although there are 7 Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, the Emirate of Dubai occupies only about 5% of the UAE’S land. At the same time, irrespective of its size, the number of tourist attractions Dubai has built over the years is absolutely marvelous. Some of the most popular sights in Dubai are its amusement parks and theme parks. The diversity of these parks which Dubai offers in such close quarters is not seen anywhere else in the world. Let us take a look at the most popular parks, which your clients must not miss on their next trip to Dubai! 

Atlantis Aqua Venture – Aqua Venture is the coolest and largest water park in the middle-east. Situated in the Palm Atlantis, it has a few ancient pyramid-like structures which make the water sliding even more unique and thrilling experience. One of the most nonchalant scenes is where one gets to see the 700-meter-long beach from various parts of the theme park. The most thrilling section of the whole set-up is the swim–along experience with sharks and stingrays. It is as exciting and as interesting as it can get, and still, it is one of the safest and most trusted amusement parks of recent times. 

IMG World of Adventure – this amusement park is like paradise for fans of the Marvel Universe. Dinosaur enthusiasts and people who love the cartoon network characters tend to have the best days of their lives here. The large 1.5 million square feet IMG World is fully air-conditioned and the rides across are all designed indoors. Marvel Universe, Dinosaur Lost Valley, IMG Boulevard, and Cartoon Network are the 4 major zones of IMG World. But this plane offers everyone much more than anticipated with a spooky-themed “Haunted Hotel” and a family-friendly section of “Lazy Town”. 

Dubai Parks & Resorts

This is renowned for being the Middle East’s biggest entertainment resort with versatile themes. Clients can enjoy staying at 2 different hotels if they like all or even one of the parks here. The reason behind this suggestion is that whoever stays at the hotels inside the DPR (Dubai Parks & Resorts), gets to visit at least 1 theme park free of cost. Here is the list of theme parks to choose from and all are truly irresistible in their own way. 

1.      MOTIONGATE – an amalgamation of Hollywood’s 3 most renowned film studios Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate. This is a real treat for those movie buffs who just love these production houses and their animated cinemas.

2.    LEGOLAND – one-of-a-kind park where one gets to see over 60 million LEGO bricks used in creating 15,000 LEGO models and there are 40 LEGO – Themed rides one can enjoy.

3.    LEGOLAND Water Park – building one’s own custom LEGO raft is the most fascinating activity in this amazing water world. Visitors can also enjoy splish-splash at the WAVE POOL and board more than 20 super water slides!

4.    BOLLYWOOD PARK – there is only one Bollywood Park on the planet and it showcases the magic of Indian Cinema. The electrifying 3D tunnel ride and multi-sensory 4D theatre adventures are all themed around Bollywood Movies and it’s a great entertainment hub. 

Global Village

True to its name, the Global Village is so massive that it seems like a large city by itself. And people who visit this place are sure to go back because it is not possible to cover all the pavilions during one visit. It has over 25 pavilions and each representing either a vast region like that of the Americas, Europe, Africa, and UAE; or many representing a country on the likes of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, India, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc. The best part of the Global Village is that each of these pavilions not only gives a feel of the culture of that particular locality but also provides delicacies and specialty cuisines from that part of the world. Hence it is so irresistible for people who visit it once, are motivated to keep on visiting the Global Village in their every other holiday to Dubai.