London – 4 Most Amazing Attractions of all Time

London is a perfect blend of colonial architecture, history, and modern attractions. It is an excellent holiday choice for families, solo travelers, single-woman travelers, elders, and young couples. This cool city is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. And an interesting fact about this great city is that it has one of the most diverse populations of people from various parts of the world and hence over 300 languages are spoken here. Facts like these can help travel agents retain and engage with their clients and sharing such facts also helps in gaining more trust from the clients.

It is now time to dive into the most amazing attractions of all time that the iconic London city has to offer. 

London Eyefor the Best Aerial Views!

It is natural for people to admire things from afar. And a large number of people love to look at cities from great heights. The best way to showcase the city of London to its first-time visitors is to buy them a ticket to board one of the most amazing giant wheel, the London Eye. The 32 capsules of the London Eye represent the 32 Boroughs of the city. This giant wheel weighs over 1000 tonnes and takes about 30 minutes to make one full circle. The newly added charm of this famous structure is that one can book an entire capsule for private use and a bottle of champagne is also offered for those who like it. Over 5000 people have been engaged while on the wheel and over 500 weddings have also occurred here. It is a spectacular suggestion if any of your clients are planning a proposal holiday!  

Buckingham Palace – Royal Residence of the Monarch!

Whenever the Monarch is in London they stay at Buckingham Palace. The changing of the guard ceremony is one of the most popular happenings in the city. Both the locals and foreign tourists are quite excited to watch the guards march by and hand over their duties to another set of guards. There are over 775 rooms in the palace and out of them 19 are State Rooms, 52 are Royal Bedrooms, 188 are Staff Bedrooms, and 92 are Offices. The new attraction is that the regal State Rooms are open to visitors on a few selected dates. The palace doors are open to for a guided tour for a few days during the winter, the spring, and the summer. If any of your clients visiting London are fans of the royal family or love taking a look at the historic and luxurious buildings, then you should book their holiday with travel dates based on whenever Buckingham Palace State rooms are open in that particular season.

Hyde Park – Garden of Entertainment!

Till the 16th century, Hyde Park was used as hunting grounds by the royals. Through the years it had undergone great transformation by adding multiple features and by acting as Exhibition Ground and also as the venue for some historic ceremonies. Even now it boasts of being one of the most important parks, among the 8 Royal Parks of London. Some of the must-see locations in this vast park area are the Speaker’s Corner, the Rose Garden, the Children’s Playgrounds, Diverse Wildlife around the beautiful plant life, and The Great Exhibition Virtual Tour. The park has a lot to offer for all age groups and this should be suggested as a leisure activity at least for 1 or 2 hours to travelers. Visiting the park is not only a way to enjoy nature but also a great way to take a peek into the London dwellers’ lifestyle. 

Madame Tussauds –Wax Museum, 4D Cinema & the Spirit of London! 

The world-famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum of London is the oldest and first-ever wax museum. Opened almost 2 centuries ago, in 1835, this great museum now has many more attractions other than the celebrity statues. The royal palace is one of the most visited sections, for those who wish to click life-like pictures with the statues of royal families and major political figures. The Star Wars, Marvel Hall of Heroes, Film and Sports sections are also quite famous among visitors. Now one of the newly added attractions is a 4D Cinema Experience featuring the Marvel Universe for fans who want to enjoy a thrilling ride, while still being seated on a 4D chair. Another must-experience feature is the Spirit of London Ride. Visitors are seated on black taxis (model) and taken across the history of London City along with a sneak peek into the most famous cultural events. 

There are many more attractions in London, like the Thames River Cruise, The Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, The National Gallery, The Natural History Museum, and the list of interesting sights to be visited is endless. To know which of these tours suit your clients’ holiday and to know which of these tours will help you to earn the maximum amount of commission, get in touch with your T3 Agent right away.