Mauritius – An Island for Nature & Wildlife Lovers | Thrill Seekers | Water Sports Enthusiasts

Does your client love charming old towns?

Does your customer enjoy surprising landscapes with multi-colored sand?

Does your traveler find water sports, sunset beaches, and white sandy beaches alluring?

Does your tourist prefer doing a submarine safari – sitting inside it and relishing a lunch underwater?

Does your holidayers like guided tours & is also excited to explore destinations on his own with a rented bike?

All these popular and mind-blowingly unique stuff are all part of Mauritius’ plethora of tourist hot spots. 

For Nature & Wildlife Lovers

Pamplemousse Botanical Garden – this beautiful name Pamplemousse identifies itself with Grapefruits in the French language. This 25-acre garden was first created in the year 1770, making it the oldest botanical garden in the entire southern hemisphere. it is famous for the rarely-seen giant lilies and wonderful lotus filling the sprawling lake. 

For Thrill Seekers

Interaction with Cheetah is an activity, where tourists can interact with the big cat (sometimes cute cubs), caress them, and even click photographs. The venue for this activity is Casela Bird Park and the best part is this amazing place also has other interesting activities like safari quad biking, the canyon swing, and zip lining. If your clients are traveling with their children, don’t forget to add Casela Bird Park to their itinerary, because Zookeeper of the Day is one of their famous activities along with short tours like fish feeding, giraffe feeding, mini golf, toboggan and even short animated movie experience in their 4D Cinema. 

For Water Sports Enthusiasts

Wait! What if one of your clients wants to witness the beauty of the oceans, and at the same time doesn’t like to get wet? Sounds like some dream world? Not at all! It can become a reality in Mauritius. Check out the Blue Safari Submarine activity where travelers can comfortably sit inside this cool submarine and enjoy the magical underwater sights along with corals. They could also opt for a full-day catamaran ride which would also include some wonderful food, and drinks along with whale/dolphin watching. Sounds like fun?

Now moving on to the adventurous stuff. There is a list of newly sprouted watersports that are can be called the trend of the year. Cave Sea Kayaking, Sea Kart Riding, Water Skiing, Standup Paddle Boarding, Underwater Sub – Scooter, and Sea Hovering are stuff that you should definitely suggest to your “water sports lover” clients to try. 

Besides regular fun activities including those help people to fly over or float over the water are also available across the beaches of Mauritius. Parasailing, Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing, Water Skiing, Deep Sea Fishing, and Sailing are simply wonderful in the waters of this astounding island nation.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Under-sea walking give an opportunity to take a sneak peek into the ocean life, its colorful aquatic life, its fishes, its coral reefs, and much more. The beauty of sea life simply cannot be explained in words, it can only be experienced by immersing oneself in these
awe-inspiring activities. 

For information on more such stunning activities keep reading our blogs and for assistance to book one of these activities for your clients, get in touch with your T3 Sales Team today!