Mexico – An Enchanting Holiday with 4 Must-Visit Beach Resorts Before You Die

The United Mexican States is the official name of this charming country which has some of the most incredible beaches on earth! The south and west borders of Mexico are decorated by the Pacific Ocean while the east is bejeweled by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and to top it all the southeast borders are encircled by the Caribbean Sea. Needless to say, the splendor of Mexican beaches is truly an otherworldly charm. 


This resort town is located on the Caribbean side of Mexico. Cancun Marine National Park and the Cancun Underwater museum are the best attractions for any seaside lover here, besides the amazing set of beaches. Isla Mujeres is the most famous beach on the shores of Cancun and it’s known for its crystal clear waters adorned with a wonderful sea turtle sanctuary. Xcaret Park is a theme park located on the Riviera Maya coastline which is an ecotourism development park. Their Mayan Extravaganza show and the Mexican Espectaculo show are highly popular for their dance performances showcasing the fascinating pre-Columbian Mayan history. 


This port city is located on the Yucatan Peninsula, facing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Progreso Pier constructed in the year 1942 is the longest pier in the world! The massive structure was actually built on a limestone shelf, probably the only one of its kind. This pier helps the large cruise ships to dock making it comfortable for travelers to explore the amazing archaeological sites located in the area. Another famous attraction here is The Faro de Puerto, an active lighthouse, created in the year 1893. Progreso serves as the gateway to the inland Mayan site of Chichén Itzá, which is among the 7 wonders of the world.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Ocean and is famous for its vibrant nightlife and watersports besides the wonderful beaches. Los Arcos is an open-air Amphitheatre offering free concerts, the Malecon lighthouse provides a remarkable ocean view from the top, Cuale Island Flea Market is the best place to shop for Mexican arts and crafts, Los Arcos Marine Park is a haven for people who love swimming along tropical fish and the Playa Los Muertos is the major beach area of Puerto Vallarta where the daring souls can go windsurfing and the tranquil souls can simply unwind to relax. 


This seaside resort town is positioned on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The Sierra Madre del Sur Mountain Ranges encompass a large area extending to 1000 kilometers and that is what makes this town a striking beauty. La Quebrada cliff is one of the quintessential attractions of Acapulco, where professional divers jump into an ocean cove, from 2 tall cliffs around 40 feet and 80 feet in height. The spirited nightlife, captivating beaches, and the 2 amazing golf courses are some of the best temptations presented by Acapulco. For art lovers, this town offers “Casa de los Vientos” literally meaning the House of Winds, famous for the murals painted by the legendary artist Diego Rivera. For people who look out for insta-worthy images, this house turned Cultural Centre perched on top of a cliff, by the beach is definitely a go-to place. 

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